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'30th Anniversary of Graveyard of Empty Bottles' 2019 (Tyla's Dogs D'amour) CD


Pre order (rlease May/June 2019 A Graveyard of Empty Bottles MMXIX by  Tyla's Dogs D'amour
A  wonderful reworking and re recording  of  THE CLASSIC 1988..or was is 9 edition....ha ha!!...anyway this version now features the Great Gaz Pennick an the Marvelous Matty James, aswell as Lord Si Hanson on drums and King Scotty Mulvey. with Poster
1. I Think It’s Love Again
2. So Once Was I
3. Comfort Of The Devil
4. Saviour
5. Errol Flynn
6. Bullet Proof Poet
7. When The Dream Has Gone
8. Angel
9.Just an English Outlaw
10.Gone are all the Angels
11. Died 'fore she got young
12. wont you let go
13. Stealin' from the Devil

signed by Tyla 2019