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NEW! Tyla Graveyard Of Empty Glasses (Live Acoustic DVD 2019)


Filmed and recorded By Wills , Ben and Lady Jane  in Manchester 31st Oct 2019 features Matty J Cassidy on Agnostic Bass and stomp box and Backing vocals. Ghost appearances from Vince Steele and the Sultan of Snakes. And to get into the spirit every order of this DVD will be bunged in a hat and the lucky winner will get a King Outlaw  Bottle of Red....And a Bottle of White Wine...Coolio eh?
set list with some oldies in..hopefully have it done for Crimbo...its Wills fault if not...OH NO IT ISN'T!!

I Think It's Love Again
Comfort Of The Devil
Billy 2 Rivers
Bottle Of Red
I Don't Love Anyone
Drunk Like Me
Firework Girl
How Come It Never Rains
Last Bandit (Arse Bandit haha)
I Don't Want You To Go
Satellite Kid
Scared Of Dying
Ballad Of The Bullet Proof Poet
Errol Flynn
Dynamite Jet Saloon / Swinging The Bottle