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The F**K PL**GE Tapes (Collectors Edition CD) .


Due to demand ive doe anoter 500 then thats it.

F**K PL**DGE - A 10-song, limited-edition CD containing a collection of songs to treasure forever.


1. Fuck Off Devil - from 'In Vino Veritas Acoustica'
2. When the Dream Has Gone - from 'Graveyard... MMXIX'
3. Everything to Me - from 'In Vino Veritas'
4. My Best Friends Girl - from 'In Musica Veritas'
5. 111 - from 'In Vino Veritas'
6. Movie Star - from 'In Vino Veritas Acoustica'
7. Died & 'Fore She Got Young - from 'Graveyard... MMXIX'
8. Summertime Blues - from 'In Musica Veritas'
9. Love Comes True - from 'Black Confetti' EP
10. Another Girl, Another Planet - 'Homesick Angel' EP
When you order, your name will go in a hat for a raffle to win the original artwork of this....Eh that's not bad is it?! A3 size. Plus I'll also give away 10 runner-up signed A3 prints.
Cheers, T and the chaps